Deforestation Essay Composition- for all class students

Deforestation Essay Composition- for all class students

After reading this post, you can write, Deforestation essay Composition. All Essays are suitable for the students of class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC,11, 12, HSC.

Essay on Deforestation

Deforestation Essay/ Composition: Deforestation means cutting down trees in large numbers. In the name of modernization, man is cutting down trees in great numbers. As a result, it has led to the destruction of the great forest. It is very much harmful to the lives of many animals and plant species. We fail to realize that trees are the most important aspects of our planet and existence. Trees play a vital role in our life. Trees give us constant companies in our day to day life. Again they give us air, fruits, vegetable, etc. We use them for various purposes. We cannot think of our homes, houses, residence, etc. without trees. Besides, e use trees to make furniture, windows, doors for our domestic use.

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Again we make valuable furniture from these trees. We sell some attractive furniture to foreign countries. They add beauty to our dwelling places. But nowadays people are cutting down trees indiscriminately. The causes of the visitation are many. Bangladeshi is the most densely polluted country in the world. Its population is much more in proportion to its area. This huge number of the population needs more shelter, agricultural land, fule, furniture, etc. For all these reasons people cut trees. Moreover, some dishonest people cut trees in our forests to make money.

The effect of the demonstration is too many to describe. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance. The existence of animals will face a crisis of food and shelter. Because of deforestation carbon dioxide is increasing rapidly. As a result, the planet is becoming warmer. The sea level has been rising. Besides, many parts of the world are going to be engulfed by the sea in the recent future. On the other hand, new areas of the world are turning into the desert as a result of the devastation. Moreover, deforestation causes birds and other animals living on them to leave their shelter. It also causes serious damage to the soil, as trees give protection to the soil as well. In the end, the soil gets sediment in the river and causes frequent floods.

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So, if we destroy trees randomly, one day our country will turn into a dessert. As many living animals and birds live in trees, they won't find any food and shelter. There will be no rain and as a result of agriculture will face a great crisis. The temperature will rise and it will cause a greenhouse effect. The country will be unsuitable for living. And the various natural climate is like a flood, drought, storm etcetera will visit our country. As tiny drops of water make the mighty ocean. So we as individuals should take small steps to preserve nature and make it's a greener world for the coming generations.

We should remember that trees give us life in every single moment. Without trees, it is quite difficult for us to sustain. Seriously we can imagine a world without trees? No, definitely not. So we must all join hands to prevent deforestation, each in our little way. Trees are our legacy given to us by our ancestors. So this is our responsibility to protect the trees for the welfare of human beings. Govt. and NGO should take immediate measures to prevent deforestation. We should make people aware of the tree plantation through mass media. This will increase tree plantation programs.

Deforestation short Essay/ Composition

Write a short composition or essay on deforestation.

"When trees burn, they leave the smell of heartbreak in the air."
― Jodi Thomas

Deforestation may be regarded as removal or clearing of trees at random. It is a process where a forest becomes a non-forest. It may occur due to natural disasters like wildfires or induce by a human. The reasons behind deforestation are a lot. But human activities are directly responsible for it. Humans and trees are closely associated. They can't be separated. Trees in the forest help in maintaining oxygen and carbon-di-oxide balance in nature. We get food from them. They are also habitat for many birds and beast. Forest contributes to maintain enough rain in a certain region and beautify nature.

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."
― Warren Buffett

But thankless humans pay their due by destroying them. As farmers need more land for cultivation, they go to clean forests to expand their agricultural land. Poor people also cut trees for habituation. Trees are cut down for timber which is used as fuel, in construction or to make furniture. However, oil extraction, as well as mining, is also responsible for deforestation.

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Deforestation has very drastic effects on both humans and nature. Decrease the number of the tree leads to rising carbon-di-oxide and a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere. This results in severe lung diseases such as bronchitis in humans and animals.

"Burn the forests if you will, but you will only scorch your own lungs."
Anthony T. Hincks

It causes serious soil erosion. Ecological balance is also disturbed by deforestation. Many wild animals and birds, as well as beasts, lose their home. Global warming is an alarming consequence of deforestation. As a result temperature of the atmosphere is increasing and ice of the polar region is melting very fast. For this, we have to face various devastating floods. Drought may occur due to deforestation.

But it should not be continued. It's time to come forward to save our forest for our own sake. We should find an alternative source of fuel. Cutting down of trees for agricultural expansion should be stopped. We need to use steel as a construction material instead of wood. Social awareness is the best way to concern people about the drastic consequence of deforestation. At last, the Government must take functional initiatives to stop the cleanse of forest indiscriminately.

"On the last day of the world I would want to plant a tree."
― W.S. MerwinToggle panel: Yoast SEO Premium

Deforestation Essay 3

Human beings are the essential parts of nature and so are the trees. Since the dawn of civilization, man has a close tie with the trees. They play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance assuring our safe and sound survival. Hence trees are very dear to the poet who utters: “Trees can be short, trees can be tall Whatever kind, I like them all They give us oxygen, they give us air We give them love, we give them care.” Trees are our harmless and beneficial friends. Trees help, to a great extent, to keep ecological balance. Trees provide us with oxygen that is a must for life.

“What does he plant who plant a tree? He plants a friend of sun and sky; He plants the flag of breezes free The shaft of beauty, towering high.” Henry Cuyler Bunner.

Trees provide us with fruits that meet a part of our food requirement. We cannot think of our homes, houses without trees. We use trees to make furniture like windows, doors for our domestic use. Trees can be a source of money for a family and a country as well. Trees bear a great impact on the climate. Trees ensure a pollution-free environment. It saves our country from river erosion, coastal-bore, cyclone, and other natural calamities. Trees ensure habitable and comfortable life on the earth. So, we must plant trees keeping in our mind like Warren Buffet, “Someone‘s sitting in the shade today Because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Unfortunately, we cut trees indiscriminately and the indiscriminate cutting of trees (which is) known as deforestation, has become a problem haunting the whole world. And the aftermath of deforestation is known as Green House Effect.

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However, the greenhouse is a glass-made house made to protect the plants of the polar region from frost and cold weather by trapping the heat of the sun. As a result of the increasing amount of Carbon-di-oxide, the earth itself has become synonymous with a greenhouse resulting in global warming which hastens the melting of the ice of the polar region. Consequently, the sea level is rising. Any time in future seas may engulf the lower portion of the earth. However, specialists do opine that at least 25 % of the total land area of a country should be forestland. But unfortunately, only 17% of the total land area of our country(Bangladesh) is forestland.

Hence, Bangladesh is badly in need of the implementation of a massive tree plantation program. Over the last few years, unhindered ‘tree-massacre’ has been going on. It has happened because of indiscriminate urbanization, industrialization, and meeting the growing demand of the increasing people. As a result, forest occupancy of our total land area has alarmingly decreased to 15%. Though it should be, as per the United Nations, at least 25%. Realizing this the commonwealth poet Rabindranath Tagore says, “Give back the forest, take your town.” We have to be aware of the adverse impact of deforestation on which our country is gradually proceeding.

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Deforestation causes drought affecting our cultivation and the national economy as well. It exerts an adverse impact on the environment resulting in river erosion, cyclone, and other natural calamities. It may also change the normal average temperature of our country. Besides, deforestation will inevitably expedite continuing global warming, which will make the earth uninhabitable. As such, to make our earth a worthy place to live we should plant more and more trees. Stephen Girard says: “ If I thought I was going to die tomorrow I should nevertheless plant a tree today.” However, June-July is the proper time for planting trees.

During this period, a massive tree plantation program has to be taken up both by the government and conscious citizens at large. Students, political, social, and cultural organizations have to be involved in this program. ‘Tree plantation week’ has to be observed sincerely and actively all over the country. Every countryman has to abide by the slogan... “Plant at least two saplings if you cut down one“ Illiterate people of the villages have to be made aware of the utility and importance of trees and forests. ‘Social Afforestation Program‘ has to be implemented all over the rural areas before it is too late. There is no room for doubt that trees are our best friends and their utility is innumerable.

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So, we should not only plant more trees but also protect the existing ones to save our country from the scaring aftermaths of deforestation or the Green House Effect. Media can also play a vital role to improve the condition by creating mass-awareness and by enthusing people to more and more trees. In fact, we all should engage ourselves in a tree plantation program so that the flora and fauna of nature may survive in an eco-friendly atmosphere. We also feel like saying with the poet being surprised by the utility of the trees. "I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree."

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