Tree Plantation Essay and Composition- suitable for all class students

Tree Plantation Essay and Composition- suitable for all class students

After reading this article, you can write 1. Tree Plantation Essay/ Composition 2. Importance of Trees in Our Daily Life Essay Composition 3. Importance of Planting More Trees Essay 4. The necessity/ importance of tree plantation Essay/ Composition. All essays/compositions are suitable for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Tree Plantation Essay 

Essay on Tree Plantation

Write an essay or composition on 'Tree Plantation' or 'Why You Think More Trees Should be Planted'. Use the following clues. * Importance of tree plantation in human life. * Effect on our environment.

Tree Plantation Essay: Tree plantation means the plantation of trees at random. Without the existence of trees & forests, we cannot think of our existence on the earth. Men depend much on trees. Trees provide us with oxygen, food, furniture, etc. Again, they take carbon dioxide which is harmful to human beings and all animals. So to say, our life on earth largely depends upon trees. But in our country, we are not aware of the trees. Some dishonest people are cutting down trees very indiscriminately for some quick profit. It is really a matter of sorrow. First, it is important to know what trees do for us. Man needs oxygen. In every single breath, we are taking oxygen in and leaving carbon dioxide out. Trees leave fresh oxygen out and take poisonous has carbon dioxide in. Thus trees provide us with the most necessary thing we need on the planet.

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Trees also give us food and shelter. We cannot live without the help of trees. But at present people are cutting down trees on a large scale. There are many reasons for cutting down trees. Some unscrupulous men are cutting down them mainly for firewood and furniture. Every day our population is increasing. So, more firewood and furniture are needed for additional people. Tropical rain forests are also being cleared at a high rate. It takes thousands of years to grow a tropical rain forest. But at present, they are being cleared at the rate of fourteen square miles per hour.

The effect of deforestation is very harmful and dangerous. For this, the Greenhouse Effect has occurred and the temperature of the world is increasing day by day. Heatwaves have grasped many countries. Ice is melting in the South and North Poles. The level of water in the sea is increasing on. This may lead to a worldwide flood. Govt. should take effective measures immediately to prevent deforestation. We should plant at least three trees if we cut down one. We should also try our best to stop cutting down trees and save the environment. Otherwise, our future will be very difficult and uninhabitable.

Tree plantation Essay/ composition 2

“What does he plant who plant a tree?
He plants a friend of sun and sky;
He plants the flag of breezes free
The shaft of beauty, towering high.”
-Henry Cuyler Bunner.

Human beings are the essential parts of nature and so are the trees. Since the dawn of civilization man has a close tie with the trees. They play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance assuring our safe and sound survival. Hence trees are very dear to the poet who utters:

“Trees can be short, trees can be tall
Whatever kind, I like them all
They give us oxygen, they give us air  
We give them love, we give them care.”

Trees are our harmless and beneficial friends. Trees help, to a great extent, to keep ecological balance. They provide us with oxygen that is a must for life. Trees provide us with fruits that meet a part of our food requirement. We cannot think of our homes, houses without trees. We use trees to make furniture windows, doors for our domestic use. Trees can be a source of money for a family and a country as well. Trees bear a great impact on climate Trees to ensure a pollution-free environment. It saves our country from river erosion, coastal-bore, cyclone, and other natural calamities. Trees ensure habitable and comfortable life on the earth. So, we must plant trees keeping in our mind like

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
-Warren Buffet,

Unfortunately, we cut trees indiscriminately and the indiscriminate cutting of trees which is known as deforestation, has become a problem haunting the whole world. And the aftermath of deforestation is known as Green House Effect. However, greenhouse is a glass-made house made to protect the plants of the polar region from frost and cold weather by trapping the heat of the sun. As a result of the increasing amount of Carbon-di-oxide, the earth itself has become synonymous with a green house resulting in global worming which hastens the melting of the ice of the polar region. Consequently, the sea level is rising. Any time in future seas may engulf the lower portion of the earth.

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However, specialists do opine that at least 25 % of the total land area of a country should be forestland. But unfortunately, only 17 % of the total land area of our country(Bangladesh) is forestland. Hence, Bangladesh is badly in need of implementation of a massive tree plantation program. Over the last few years, unhindered ‘tree-massacre’ has been going on. It has happened because of indiscriminate urbanization, industrialization and of meeting growing demand of the increasing people. As a result, forest occupancy of our total land area has alarmingly decreased to 15%. Though it should be, as per United Nations, at least 25%. Realising this the commonwealth poet Rabindranath Tagore says,

“Give back the forut, take your town.”

-Rabindranath Tagore

We have to be aware of the adverse impact of deforestation towards which our country is gradually proceeding. Deforestation causes drought affecting our cultivation and the national economy as well. It exerts an adverse impact on environment resulting river erosion, cyclone and other natural calamities. It may also change the normal average temperature of our country. Besides, deforestation will inevitably expedite continuing global warming, which will make the earth uninhabitable. As such, to make our earth a worthy place to live we should plant more and more trees. Stephen Girard says :

“If I thought I was going to die tomorrow  
I should nevertheless plant a tree today.”
-Stephen Girard

However, June-July is the proper time for planting trees. During this period, massive tree plantation programme has to be taken up both by the government and conscious citizens at large. Students, political, social and cultural organizations have to be involved in this program. ‘Tree plantation week’ has to be observed sincerely and actively all over the country. Every countryman has to abide by the slogan ...

 “Plant at least two saplings if you cut down one“

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Again, illiterate people of the villages have to be made aware of the utility and importance of trees and forests. ‘Social Afforestation Program’ has to be implemented all over the rural areas before it is too late. There is no room for doubt that trees are our best friends and their utility is innumerable. So, We should not only plant more trees but also protect the existing ones to save our country from the scaring aftermaths of deforestation or Green House Efect. Media can also play a vital role to improve the condition by creating mass-awareness and by enthusing the people to plant more and more trees. In fact, we all should engage ourselves in tree plantation program so that the flora and fauna of nature may survive in an eco-friendly atmosphere. We also feel like saying with the poet being surprised by the utility of the trees:

“I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.”

Tree Plantation Composition 3

Tree Plantation Composition: Since the dawn of civilization man has a close relation with nature. Man has made friendship with nature. Nature helps us in many ways. Similarly, trees are closely related to our life. They are our friends. Tree plays an important role in our life and economy. Bangladesh is a lower riparian country. The upper levels of this region are the best places for the tree plantation. Govt. & people can use sea beaches and low-lying unused lands for tree plantation. There are many roads and highways in our country. We can plant trees on both sides of these roads and highways.

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Again in the villages, there are many proper places that can be used for tree plantation. We can use the sides and areas that are lying unused for tree plantation. The best time for tree plantation is June and July months. The tree plantation program should be expanded to the remote corner of the country. The officers connected with tree plantation programs should take proper steps and needful measures. Thus they can make every program successful. They should also try to make these programs popular all over the country. For the betterment, they should use their best knowledge. Most of the people in our village are illiterate. They have no knowledge about the importance of trees. Attempts should be made to make them aware of the importance of trees. Tree are our best friends.

Trees are a great source of food, vitamins & other necessary molecular. There are various kinds of fruit trees. They give us various kinds of fruits & vegetables that are rich in food value & vitamins. They meet up with our necessary local demands. Again they meet up the vitamin deficiency that is important for us. So, people can keep their body fit and sound by taking numerous fruits. Again we export fruits & vegetables to many other countries and earn a lot of foreign exchange.

They are our constant companies in our whole life. We use them for various purposes. We can not think of our homes, houses and many other necessary things without trees. Besides we use trees to make household thinks such as furniture, windows, doors for our domestic use. Besides, many valuable furniture is made from these trees. Moreover, we sell some pieces of valuable furniture to foreign countries. Thus the tree adds beauty to our dwelling places. Trees bear a great impact on the climate too.

If we destroy trees randomly, one day the country will turn into a dessert. As a result, the country will bear the consequences of the greenhouse effect. Besides, there will be no rain. As a result, the whole country will face a great crisis. Because ours is an agricultural country. The economy of our country depends on agriculture. Again our agriculture is dependent on rain. So trees play a vital role in our climate. Trees keep the soil strong.

Thus trees save us from devastating floods and many other natural calamities. So the importance of trees cannot be described in words. They are part and parcel in our day to day life. We can not think of our existence without them. Rabindranath says “Back thy forest, take your town. "Our government has also launched a massive and ambitious program regarding tree plantation. We should not use and destroy trees at random. Rather we should plant trees more and for a better happier and healthier life.

Essay on Importance of Trees in Our Daily Life

Write an essay or composition on the importance of trees in our daily life.

Importance of Trees in Our Daily Life Essay: Trees are our first friends both for our soul and sole existence. We cannot live anyhow beyond five minutes without taking oxygen that trees give off taking in carbon-dioxide. Trees, therefore, preserve our physical subsistence first. Then trees are playing a vital role in nature. These are protecting severe greenhouse effects. Besides, they protect the unbridled erosion of soil. They are also fighting as massive prevention against various natural disasters and disorders maintaining an interrelation among components of nature.

We are preparing residence under the shady haunts of trees, nature's greatest boon. We eat to live for which we need food and trees are the containers of food of various species. Again we are using various vehicles some of which are made of wood and wood's begetter in the tree. Lots of edifice buildings of the world are the direct contributor to trees. Trees always function in our constitution sphere. All these contributions of trees are the bodily ones.

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Tree obviously controls our mental hemisphere no doubt. They are the gold of our beauty queen nature. Various sorts of flowers of each and every season are giving manifold shapes of our nature. Again, various festivals are being well accomplished in an appealing and colorful environment for the usual presence of a fragrant and colorful flower. In the ocular world, we are using many things majority of which directly or indirectly are linked with trees. From those medicinal qualities are needless to note here. They are the fathers of herbal chemistry. So, trees are constantly influencing our daily life.

In a broader sense, one can say in fine that from cradle to grave or bunting ghat trees are the greatest functionaries in his daily life. To sum up, trees are saving us from different natural maladies.

Essay on Importance of Planting more Trees/ The necessity of tree plantation

Write an essay or composition on the importance of planting more trees or the necessity of tree plantation.

The necessity of tree plantation Essay: From the beginning of civilization, man has a close relation with nature. Nature helps us in many ways. Trees are an indispensable part of nature. They are the gifts of nature. Trees give us ‘Oxygen’. But for the development of human civilization, these valuable assets are damaged day by day. For the Rabindranath Tagore says, "Give back the Forest, take your town". By these lines, he tries to tell us about the importance of trees. So, tree plantation is very important for our life and economy.

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The people of our country cut down trees at random. So, the country is losing its trees. If this process continues, she will turn into a desert. It is a perfect time that we plant trees to protect our environment.

To protect our environment, we should plant more and more trees. Government order may be passed in order to make the people interested in planting trees. They should be made aware that our economy is dependent on trees.

Trees bear a great impact on the climate. If we destroy trees continuously, one day the country will turn into a desert. As a result, our country will bear the Green House Effect. Besides, there will be no rain. Hence the country will face a great crisis. Because ours is an agricultural country. The economy of our country is dependent on agriculture. There is no double that our agriculture depends on rain. So trees play an important role in our climate. They keep the soil strong. Trees save us from serious floods and also from many other natural calamities.

There is a model for afforestation in our country. Sea beaches, low lying areas, and fallow lands can be brought under the scheme of afforestation with special types of trees suited to the soil. Shady trees and fruit trees should be planted by the side of roads and high ways. Trees may be planted on all sides of ponds and dig in the village.

Tree plantation programs should be expanded to the remote comer of the country. Most of the people of our country do not know about the utility and the importance of trees and forests. For this reason, the government should make TV programs or radio programs on the subjects of afforestation.

Trees are part and parcel of our life. So, it is our secondary duty to plant trees every day. Besides, we should take care of them in order to maintain the balance between man and nature.

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